Partnered with quality web publishers, we deliver your message to millions of targeted users across a select network of publishers, achieving maximum ROI for your brand. we ensure the efficiency of your campaigns by engaging your intended users smartly and effectively.Through our sophisticated targeting technology, your ads are placed on those places where you will get more conversion.

We deliver your ads based on a variety of targeting factors:

Geo-location: Country | City | longitude: latitude

Language: ALL

Browser: ALL

Devices: PC | Mobile devices

OS: Mac OS X | Microsoft Windows | GNU/Linux | Symbian | Android | IOS | Windows Mobile OS | BlackBerry OS

ISP: Worldwide Internet Service Providers

We ensure that your ads always run smoothly and are fine-tuned from impression to conversion. At every stage of data processing we analyze and evaluate your campaign’s metrics, calibrating ad placements algorithmically as well as manually for optimal performance.

Your ads are always served to the users most likely to respond, increasing your return on investment. Live performance statistics and customized reports give you access to valuable data about your campaign(s). Our detailed and actionable insights help refine your campaigns and better target your audience. For complete overview, you can track your conversions either via pixel.

With over 1 Billion ad impressions every day and 10’s of Millions of active users worldwide, the RITS advertising platform helps Advertisers increase their revenue and maximize their ROI.

For Local Business 

For Agencies

Advertiser can TALK to us: +8801979724735 , +8804478724730